Virtual Crossdressers & GTA Online Hate Crimes

So… I jump into GTA online. The game is full. I make sure the loot on hand gets tucked away in my account before stepping into my sports car and peeling out. I hit the highway and start speeding north towards Sandy Shores at 150mph. That’s when I spot one of the other players. A female avatar with light skin and dressed modestly. She’s in an Ammu-Nation handling business. I caught her on the way out.
“Sup?” I mutter.
“Nadda.” Replies Barry White.

Then without warning James Earl Jones hopped into his Patriot and began speeding off.

“The fuck?”

I begin pursuit. I’m bumper to bumper. Sticky bomb. *Ka-Boom*  I hear Morgan Freeman cursing my existence as I speed off. I back up to collect the loot “she” dropped.  Barely $500. I take a selfie by the wreck and bounce towards Sandy Shores.

I’m driving slow now because Kendrick Lamar hits the radio. So I’m cruising now because speeding?… Fuck That…. But now “Golden Voiced” Ted Williams is back on my ass and she brought her lover. This new chick had long flowing locks and bright red lips.
“Yo! That your girl?” I hollar.
“Fuck you, son.” Replied a lipstick clad Denis Leary sounding mother fucker.
“What? You fooled me twice. Aloe Vera up in this bitch!”

Then like that scene in Wanted, I pull a dirty U-turn and let the Uzi spray. I hit the driver almost instantly. But This new Ben Affleck generic Bostonian sounding bitch already shredded the armor on my car. I’m still spraying from my first clip but I’m running low. I’m going to have to Reload if– HEADSHOT!  The car spun out… I collect their dropped loot. When suddenly…

“A 9000 bounty has been placed on your head.”

Then this cutie with the velvety voice of a Russell Brand drops a grenade at my feet. Luckily Harry Styles didn’t cook it right and I had time to back step off the freeway down to the grass below. The drop was too much for me. I’m in the red now. With $9000
on my head and half a health bar. Three virtual crossdressers at my heel. That’s when I saw an angel. . . or . . . at least heard one. Voice like Megan Fox, body like Jamie Foxx.
“You ain’t fooling me!”
* Click Clack BLADOW!*

I guess my question is do you play your own gender in an online game? Why or why not? And is what I did a hate crime?


2 thoughts on “Virtual Crossdressers & GTA Online Hate Crimes

  1. I generally play as a dude. (SPOILER ALERT…I am a dude!) I did, for the first time, make a Fem-Shep character for the Backlog Infinite Mass Effect playthrough.

    As far as a hate crime, nah, them chicks with dicks got what was coming to them!

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