First Annual Reel Indie Film Fest


If you’re into indie music, documentaries and strange comedies then the RIFF is where it’s at! I had the pleasure of going to the opening of the festival and seeing all the crazy media and fans. There was love and support in the air and maybe some weed but that goes hand in hand with these festivals – right? No? Just me.. okay…

They kick the night off at the Royal where the first screening was held. The film was a feature titled “Window of Opportunity”. A dark comedy about a group of corporate CEO’s going to a cabin, one kills a hooker and the others try to cover it up. It was produced John Densmore from the “Doors” and written/directed by Samuel Warren Joseph. After seeing the trailer, I decided to just hang out for the media frenzie and be entertained by an annoying Doors fan who was shouting about autographs.

I’m glad with my choice in ditching the movie to see their opening night bands. This is the indie we know and love! An excellent choice of bands to start off the festival! BATHURST STATION was solid and full of energy. They had a great number of fun songs that make you want to dance and drive in a convertible.

The best was seeing DAVID BARRETT TRIO. There’s only bass (Jason Farrar), guitar (David Barrett) and percussion (Sascha Tukatsch) but it sounds like you’re listening to a symphony! (I apologize for the crappy iPhone pic. Didn’t have a real camera on me).

Dave Barrett

Epic is the best word I can think of to describe the experience of watching this band. There’s no singing, just instruments and you hear a story through each one. It takes me back to classic metal music which you just don’t hear anymore. I highly recommend seeing them!

I’m grateful for festivals like this one that showcases great talent and promotes movies that may not have been seen anywhere else. There are a number of great films and documentaries about the business such as, Walking Proof, Musicwood, In Search Of Blind Joe Death – The Saga of John Fahey and many more. I would have listed more, but the last film’s title took up all the space.

I also want to give a shout-out to everyone that worked on the festival. Smiles all over the place, super friendly and knowledgeable!

So check out  and see what strikes your fancy.

❤ Tarangela


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