Is doing it wrong the new right?



Ewww! I know! I know! I feel dirty even writing this blog, but the whole Miley Cyrus topic hits so many things that need to be discussed that it’s no wonder everyone is talking about what she’s doing. What I find fascinating about all this is the fact that everyone seems to understand that she just wants attention and we’re giving her the attention she wants – yet we do nothing to change it. If we don’t want to look at her anymore, why don’t we just ignore her? Is it like looking at a car wreck?

What I find hilarious about all of this is that she’s over sexifying herself but I haven’t heard ONE person say she looks good. Usually when an “artist” tries to use sex to sell it actually looks sexy. Miley seems to get the same reaction from people, “eww! It’s gross! Make it stop!” So does failing at being sexy actually give you more attention than being sexy? There are tons of female (sadly mostly female) pop stars that always look sexy in their videos and interviews but it doesn’t seem to be enough. How sad is our society that being sexy isn’t enough to give you attention anymore? Maybe it could be a step up that you don’t have to be sexy anymore, you have to be anti-sexy. It’s like she’s making fun of the idea of it and going so extreme that it’s laughable. Maybe she’s a genius and has given society the biggest mirror and we refuse to see what she’s really doing. Of course that is giving her waaay too much credit.

It’s new for a pop star to look like she’s trying too hard and succeed! Who actually likes Miley Cyrus? This is what makes me believe that the more irritating and gross you are, the more attention you’ll get. Having respect, morals and boundaries aren’t going to give you fame and fortune. This is the moral that I learned through all this. Thanks Miley and thank you world for letting her get away with it. Thumbs up! Note: that was sarcasm… yes, it needs to be said.

❤ Tarangela



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