What’s With All The Talk Shows?!

Is it me or are the 90’s coming back with vengeance? Starting with Talk Shows. I’m just waiting for the next Springer show to make it official. We’ve had “The View” for over ten years but now that Oprah is gone everyone is running out and getting a talk show. Even Ricki Lake is back with a talk show! Does the world really need this many people talking about the same subjects? What clothes are in this season, how to decorate your home, who’s making headlines, what young celebrities do we have to bitch about – it’s the same boring shit that we can’t get enough of. Why is this? I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist. What, you thought I had the answer? I’m just making conversation – ah! I’m one of them!!

One thing I’m confused about, how come Anderson is the only male talk show host? It’s not even fair, he’s gay and he usually has a woman co-hosting with him. I get that women like to talk, but men like to have discussions too don’t they? Is it because women are the target group for advertisement? Men buy shit too, why can’t there be a popular male talk show? I’d like to see that. Men’s point of view on things. Actually now that I’ve had two seconds to thinkabout it, it wouldn’t work. Men would bring up a topic say, “who cares? Next!”

In the end when you think about it, all the topics, all the “advice” you’re told on these talk shows don’t mean anything. Who cares what you think? It’s not going to make a difference at all in any way. You put your two cents out there and no one cares. It’s something to talk about so we feel connected.

I’m not saying I don’t watch these shows, I’m just as big of a sucker as anyone. I love talk shows and I can’t believe how many are out there! It’s now the only thing available on television. In fact, I’m actually getting rid of cable because it’s the only way I will stop watching these terrible shows. I’m addicted and I’ve resulted to drastic measures. I will admit, I watched the premiere of “The Social” the socialand it was very refreshing to watch a Canadian talk show for a change. It had more interesting and relatable topics. It was nice to hear about dumb Canadians instead of dumb Americans.  Hearing news about dumb Americans is like hearing news about birds pooping on people – what else is new?

It’s mind blowing how popular celebrity blogs, talk shows, reality shows are now. People get bored so fast, I don’t get how this isn’t becoming boring news now. It’s the same thing over and over. Someone has a DUI, someone broke-up, someone lost baby weight, someone didn’t lose baby weight – omg I’m bored! TMZ, Star, all the tabloid magazines take one picture of a celebrity and make a whole story out of it! “They pump gas just like us”, “they’re eating food?!”, “they’re walking down the side walk just like us!” and it’s not enough to sell magazines that we now need talk shows to discuss this and/or make fun of it.

It all ties into wanting to discuss ourselves more than anything. We have run out of politically correct things to talk about without being lit on fire that we resorted to talking about celebrities because they are not considered “real people” in our minds. So what now? There is nothing wrong with talk shows. I’m not saying there is. I’m saying it’s fascinating at the amount that’s out there when they all talk about the same thing. It’s just as fascinating that Maury is still on air and has the same “who’s your daddy” topic every show. We are creatures of habit, so I guess there’s your answer. I’m a lazy person so I just go for the first answer off the top of my head and hope for the best.

What do you think? What’s your take on all these talk shows? Do you enjoy them? Are you tired of them? Are you annoyed with me bombarding you with so many questions? What was your childhood like?

❤ Tarangela


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