You’re probably not ugly, but I’ll make you feel ugly to buy my shit

In a nutshell that’s what I feel like I’m being told when I watch cosmetic ads on T.V. It drives me crazy, how many times in a day I have to be told that my pores are too big, my eyes have bags under them, my skin isn’t smooth – SHUT UP! SHUT. UP. I feel like I’m losing my mind constantly being harassed (yes, harassed) by ads and sales reps trying to get me to buy shit I don’t need or shouldn’t even have! What they make us feel self-conscience about is insane! The fact it even works is embarrassing. For instance, Vajazzle exists. Yes. It’s a thing. Who are you impressing by putting jewels on your box? NO ONE. Don’t even try to answer – the answer is no one. Not even yourself. Just stop.

It pisses me off when they try to “restore” women’s self esteem by giving the illusion of helping and then do the same shit everyone else is doing – DOVE. Thanks for trying to help, but how are you restoring self-esteem by airing lame-ass commercials for your deodorant by saying “1 out of 3 women don’t like the look of their underarms”? Thanks Sherlock. I’m glad you spent thousands of dollars to come up with that study. Underarms are not attractive. They’re not supposed to be. They’re fucking underarms! No one gives a shit about them as long as they don’t stink. Sell that.

“Don’t stink, buy this deodorant so people think you shower”. Don’t make us feel bad about the fact that we have them! Did I miss the whole point in that message?

As much as I love Oprah, her damn OWN network airs the worst commercials. All her commercials are about how women hate their skin and how they’re embarrassed about every dumb fucking thing.

“I have a scar no one can see, but I was so self conscious about it that I didn’t leave the house until I bought this crap”.

“What do I hate about my skin? Let’s start at the top”

“I pee myself. Whaaaa”

WHAT THE FUCK??!?! Women look like the most insecure dumb fucks on T.V! Men and women have the exact same products made yet they’re marketed completely differently

For men: “I’m a good looking man, look at the hot chick I can get with this product. I’m so awesome”.

“I’m an average looking man at best and with this product I’m awesome and get hot chicks!”

Same but different.

I feel guilty myself. I did sales and I’m an actress in commercials so I feel like I’m part of the problem. I did many different scenarios to get a sale. I complimented women and even made them feel self conscience to get them to buy. I’m not proud of it. It’s done and now I’m trying to redeem myself. Unless I have to sell out, then you’re on your own.

People! Please don’t give into the horse-shit that’s out there. Demand better. Consumers have enormous power. Use it! For fucks sake use it or I have to start reading books! FUCKING BOOKS! Don’t make it result to that!! (That was sarcasm to whomever wants to send me an angry email).

This message has been brought to you by Tarangela ❤


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