Snoop gets ready for Kratos

Snoop Dogg is set to face Kratos God of War in the 2nd round of the first ever YMB Bare Knuckle Brawl for the universe.  Many regard Snoop as the clear underdog for this fight.  However, nobody told Snoop he was an underdog as he took on backyard bully and recently turned professional boxer, Kimbo Slice.



This sparring match would only last two rounds.  Snoop started out with a series of quick jabs which put Kimbo off balance enough for Snoop to move inside Slice’s guard and start working on the body.  Kimbo was too slow to respond.  Snoop immediately began to throw wild amounts of uppercuts.  Kimbo would never be able to keep Snoop Dogg away from his jaw.

SnoopSpar Time after time Kimbo failed to keep Snoop away from landing strong uppercuts and powerful hooks to his jaw. In the end Snoop’s accuracy was too much for Kimbo to contend with.  Many say Kimbo wasn’t ready for Snoop to come out with his A-Game but with Snoop facing a heavy favorite he does not have any time to play around.  The question of whether or not Snoop Dogg aka Calvin Broadus Jr, does have what it takes to put Kratos on the mat will be answered very soon.  This fight is one of the most anticipated and many are eager to see if it can go the distance.


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