Obama vs Rocky – Pre-Fight Analysis


Obama manages to hang on to defeat Reagan

Obama seems to be the heavy favorite heading into this next match because of his ability to capitalize on delivering the knockout punch.   Obama dominated Reagan through the first 3 rounds only to be caught by a devastating right by Reagan in the 4th.   Obama was caught again by a right hook sending him back down to the canvas for the 2nd time in the round in under a minute.  Obama’s cornermen wanted to stop the fight fearing the current POTUS’s mental alertness but Barack was able to convince them to let him fight one more round.  Amazingly Obama used Reagan’s eagerness against him to deliver an amazing left uppercut to send Reagan down once and for all.


Rocky hangs on to win… barely


Rocky Balboa started his fight well, managing to stun and eventually knock down Drago. The fight may have appeared one siding but as time dragged on, it became very apparent Rocky did not have the stamina to survive.  Rocky managed to evade more punches and land more to  hang on and win by unanimous decision.

Ivan Drago did manage to knockdown Rocky twice but could not keep him down on the canvas.  If a rematch were to occur, Drago would surely prove a much more prepared opponent.

Can Rocky pull a similar upset on Obama? What do you think?


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