Bare Knuckle Brawl For It All Starts Soon

    presents a Bare Knuckle Brawl for the title of Ruler of The Universe. 32 competitors have entered their names to be drawn randomly with two mysterious wildcard entries to be named later.  World leaders of the past and present have thrown their names into the hat with America tipping the scales with four with North Korea adding half that effort with two.  Barack Obama is ready to square off against Ronald Reagan while the other Democrat and Republican fighters, Bill Clinton and George W Bush are set to face off against The Rock and Kratos respectively.  Well known acts in the Hip-Hop industry have stepped out of the studio and into the ring with Curtis “Fiddy Cent” Jackson and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter ready to challenge all comers to hold the title of “Ruler of the Universe”
The tournament is separated into Heavyweight and Lightweight divisions. Each division offers sixteen fighters in a double elimination tournament with each division winner claiming their own title.  When the Lightweight and Heavyweight Champion meet in the final, the two fighters will meet in the middle at an agreeable weight ensuring the fairest fight possible.
Some fighters are nervous such as Canada’s Justin Bieber who is set to face 80’s slasher film icon Chucky.  “I thought this was for charity. But that doll wants to kill me!” Bieber, was overheard shouting after the weigh-in.  Bieber has agreed to the fight but Chucky has a warning for Bieber. “I’m going to smash your face in until your eyes pop out and you can see me from your momma’s point of view kicking your ass.” Chucky is the heavy favorite.

            Another hugely anticipated first round match-up is Bruce Lee vs Jesus Chrust.  With Chuck Norris predicted to defeat Tupac Shakur, will we see a Norris/Lee match up? Only time will tell.  Keep an eye on and be sure to follow @MommasBasement on twitter for the latest results.

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