Damn, the Oscars bring out the hate like no one’s business

        I don’t get why everyone was so pissed off with Seth McFarlane’s hosting job. Is it because of the boob song? I loved it and I’m really glad someone addressed it, not gonna lie. My only complaint is that it wasn’t controversial enough but that is clearly my own issues creeping up. He was funny, some jokes were on point, he kept it moving, he sang great! Sure it wasn’t the best hosting we’ve been but certainly not the worst. All the hate is why we can’t get great people to host! It’s a thankless job and it’s impossible to walk away unscathed.
       Not only is there hate for McFarlane but holy moly there is tons of hate on Anne Hathaway – and I joined that hate train! I’m ashamed to say so because I LOVE HER! At least I used to… what happened?! No denying she is a great actress and I don’t hate her for that, but recently she seems so… obnoxious? I just… don’t… get it… maybe someone can help me out here. I used to LOVE seeing her interviews but now I want to throw-up in my mouth every time she speaks. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but before she was so much more playful and cool but now… she seems so stiff and it comes off as she’s trying to be perfect… I don’t know, that could be my whole thing but I also love her so much and I have a lot of respect for her – but I can’t help but eye roll every time I see her on T.V I’M SO TORN!!! I was all over twitter during the Oscars and I was so shocked at the amount of hate out there for her. Has everyone always hated her this much or is this just a fad? Are people just pissed off at her insane amount of success and talent? I am, I’m not gonna lie. I totally wish I was her (minus the haircut). I would love to be cat woman, be in Les Miserables and have Hugh Jackman as my bestie. Who wouldn’t want that?! So if it’s not jealousy… what is it? Please comment, I’m sooo curious!!!
      More hate…. Argo. I get why Canadians are pissed off that in the movie the CIA came up with the escape idea and didn’t credit Canada for it but boo hoo get over it. It’s a fricken movie! The story is about the CIA guy – not Canada and the movie was awesome and they thanked us, get the fuck over it. “Typical Hollywood” – yes typical Hollywood! What else did you expect? Move on…
      Russel Crowe – you can only feel bad for the guy.
      Jennifer Lawrence – ha, just messing with you, everyone loves her!! You’re fucked if you hate her, she is a treasure!


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