Fifty shades of grey hair

       I can’t take it anymore. It’s getting to the point of making me angry. Seeing women talk about what they hate about their looks to advertise something to “fix” it. There’s this facial thingy ad that starts with different women talking about what they hate about their skin and of course they complain about their wrinkles. I’ll be the first to admit, when I went to the hair dresser and she pointed out I had greys coming in, I completely flipped my shit! It was embarrassing to say the least. I have never reacted like that to someone I just met and who just made an honest observation. Her telling me I had grey hair was like telling me I’m getting old, i’ll never get hired for an acting gig again and no one will find me attractive. Is this what a lot of women think??? As soon as I left the hair dressers I was completely distraught. Mostly because I had grey hairs but also because I have never lost it on a stranger like that before. Now don’t think I called her a bitch and screamed at her-no no… I’m way too passive to do that. I mostly just acted like she told me I was a hideous person who should live under a bridge. Yeah, I’m mature like that.
      After I calmed down and realized how ridiculous I was acting, the embarrassment kicked in. I started seeing how even me, the least vain person (seriously, I wore overals till I was 20) could be so crippled by something so real and natural as aging. Honestly, unless you’re Benjamin Button everyone ages. Some better than others, but it doesn’t matter. It happens. That’s life. I feel insulted but mostly concerned at how often women are bombarded by advertisements on how they need to hide their age. The creams, clothes, hair, it just never stops. I get it… I need to cover my flaws, diet and cover my imperfect body with your expensive clothes – I get it. Thanks. Let’s move onto reality please…
      I’m sure it doesn’t help you either reading another woman complain about the media. I’m sure a lot of us are sick of it. Is it me or does it feel like a lot of stupid stuff out there is bought by women? As a woman, this concerns me. I feel like we’re failing and we need to stop the stupid cycle from passing onto generations before it gets way out of hand like it already is. I mean, Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight are waaaaaay more popular than they should be… My reaction to some ads are to be insulted because I wonder, how stupid or insecure do you think I am that I have to buy this?
      Anywho, that’s my ‘I am woman hear me cluck’ article. You’re welcome.

❤ Tarangela


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