guns don’t kill people… bullets do STUPID!

       Here we go again!! The big debate on guns. Do people kill or do guns kill or does mental illness kill? Or do sharks kill? I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist or a marine biologist. I’m not even American so what do I know about guns… I’ve only seen a gun on a police officer. I really don’t understand the obsession that some Americans have about their guns. Does it make you feel powerful? Is it an extension of your small dick? I really don’t get it so please if you do, leave a comment and explain to me why you go gaga over your gun.
      It’s really simple. If we get extreme here, I’m talking devil horning your fingers extreme… we get rid of guns… then what? What’s the worst that could happen? The absolute worst!! More stabbings? Not as many cool movies? Hmm… when you put it that way, that is a bummer… fuck it, guns for all!! I really do love the irony that some people think the solution to mass shootings is MORE GUNS!! That’s like telling a fatty that the solution to them losing weight is going to McDonalds. Or to solve our bad education system is to take away books. Or like telling a be a necrophiliac the solution to their problem is to work in a morgue – you know, to keep them safe… really?!
       There are so many issues dealing with the whole mass shooting craze that it’s not just guns that need to be addressed, but how people ignore mental illness and just ignore everything in general. It seems like people are falling further and further from logic that it’s pointless to even tell them to look before crossing the street because they’ll just argue it’s not their job and they have the right to cross whenever they want. Of course once they get hit by a car people wonder why and then make the same arguments and it’s just a vicious cycle and I feel like I’m losing my point… oh well, not my problem; you’re not reading properly.
        The other issue is the media. What happens a lot of the time is the media makes the killer this monster and makes him famous to killing ‘x’ amount and how he did it, etc. Unfortunately, what this does is it inspires future killers to want to top him. People want to be remembered when they die, so if you’re going out a loser, you may as well be a remembered loser. It’s sick and messed up but then again that’s the reasoning with people that want to kill children to be famous.
       Another hypothetical, what if the media didn’t mention the man’s name or revealed his face? They just focused on the heroic people and praised the work of the those who saved lives? If something isn’t working, then fix it. Why use the same mentality? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Who really here has mental illness? OOOOH I mind fucked you! (Pun intended)

❤ Tarangela


One thought on “guns don’t kill people… bullets do STUPID!

  1. Agreed. More guns won't solve the problem created by a lesser amount of guns. Its one thing to be protective of your property it's another to use it on kids. We are all in this together.

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