The way she moves…

Here’s a Exclusive!

QUICK BACKSTORY:  I’m making a Role Playing game littered with cute, adorable cartoon-like characters. Many of which are female. Two of the portrait pictures of these characters have cleavage in them which prompted a discussion and me pondering what exactly I’m doing.

Quentin Tarantino loves feet, Michael Bay loves explosions, Spielberg likes aliens and George Lucas loves ruining things.  My point is every director or creator that has a vision, has a filter which it passes through. Sometimes it can be weird like Eli Roth’s obsession with ultra-violence or Tom-Six’s… “contributions” to horror or it can be fun and joyous like a Randy Newman soundtrack in a Pixar flick.

Ok you know what, I’m just going to say it…

My quirk is my affinity for the ladies. WAIT WAIT WAIT! I don’t mean in a creepy Frank Miller sort of way or a pervy Russ Meyers sort of way.  I’m not obsessed with nudity or anything like that. I find women more fun and entertaining to work with because their gender inherits adversity.  What I mean is that they have to fight for the same spot a man does but they have the added joy of competing for it in the same space as a man and any unwanted attention that will inevitably be flung at them at some point. Anybody can read statistics and see that there are too many women that could not even get through life without some sort of unwanted sexual attention or worse.  This number rises the lower things like education and quality of life are.
Women are not weaker then men, but boys tend to be the ones who can accomplish more by brute strength and too many use this strength over women. And this is just ONE example. The quality of life of the average female has gone up but society will still stop to mark the occasion when the first female accomplishes a large task. This occasion should be far in the past by now.

In the world of Hero Mission, the women are much more respected and even feared. According to the planet’s lore, several generations ago, women abandoned their towns, settlements and villages to live in isolated peace away from the abusive testosterone fueled hands. It was a clear declaration and demonstration that would go unacknowledged by many nations. However, when the numbers
of the king’s armies dwindled with even more women nowhere to be seen, changes began to happen. It’s like Lysistrata with a dash of Seppuku.

This dynamic plays further on a social level within the game. For instance there is a little animosity towards women who put themselves in harm’s way (Hunting, for example).  It’s seen as reckless and irresponsible.

I digress…. My point is that I think the character or the gravitas of women is interesting to work with.  Maybe this is my way of understanding women, maybe it`s a fantasy.  All I know is a male bartender breaking up a bar fight is standard fare.  But a voluptuous female bartender doing the exact same thing will always get more attention. It’s like female drummers or female boxers in that if you ever saw one, you can’t help but watch for a while.  This is the magnetic power of women. I just find it fascinating and a vast landscape to explore.



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