Does sense exist anymore?

         If you’re like me, you probably feel like the world is going mad. MAD I TELL YOU!! Everything contradicts each other and people seem less and less connected and more and more stupid. Was this always around and I’m noticing it more now or did something happen and it’s been getting worse? From the Presidential Debate, to Honey Boo Boo, to sticking our noses where they don’t belong, it all leaks down to entertainment. Sick sick sick entertainment.
         One big example of the freak show of course is the Presidential Election coming up for the U.S. Why does a Canadian girl like myself care? I don’t. I just find it very very very entertaining. That’s what it is anyway isn’t it? The debates are initially there to talk about the issues, but what’s the point when the candidates are changing their minds on their opinions and making up facts as they go along? If THEY don’t care, it won’t matter who wins anyway. Half of the civilians can’t even vote so what is the point in any of this? What they’re doing isn’t working so either find a way to make it work using different tools and ideas or go home and watch the country sink into the ocean.
         Who here doesn’t know about Honey Boo Boo? This poor kid that was born into a family of trailer trash savages and will forever be tormented for life and probably die of a heroine overdose at age fifteen. The worst thing of all is that people watch this show to laugh at a six year old and her family. Yes, her mother is fucked. Yes, Honey Boo Boo is a disturbingly funny child, but bringing her on talk shows, talking about her to prove how retarded a SIX YEAR OLD is, I find abusive. I get that the mother wants to make a good buck to feed her kids (KFC – had to slip that joke in) and live, but to use your daughter to get ahead I think is child abuse. We as an audience should also take full responsibility as well for even giving this fat idiot a chance to have this show. The mother is probably thinking the audience is far more stupid than her, which is sadly true.
         It seems like gossip and invading people’s homes with opinions (I get the irony that I’m blogging about my opinion, thanks) is beyond out of control. We have social media to make us feel like our voices are much more important than anyone else’s. Something that ties all this together is the pure hate people have for their lives. I’m going to pull a Romney and make up a statistic that I think is correct, but I’m going to say 90% of people hate their jobs. They hate going to work. They spend a minimum of 40 hours a week doing something they despise with people they can’t stand. Big companies have thousands of workers and a lot of rules. CEO’s also hate their jobs and are stressed out as well. They work probably (another Romney guess) 60 hours a week min! Why can’t we change the rules? Why can’t work be fun? I love that a lot of new companies (run by the younger generation) are including fun and excitement for their teams and look what happens, people love going to work and they are proud of their job and feel fulfilled. What a concept!!
         I’m not saying you should ONLY play at work, I’m saying if you incorporate fun, productivity goes up and your company will blossom. Do you know how many jobs I had that I hated and I bad mouthed the company to anyone and everyone? I wish I was paid to bitch about the company, I would have gotten paid more. Imagine if I LOVED the company I worked for… Everyone would want to be on board with your vision. Who knew?! Bosses, welcome to 2012. Things are changing and you’re driving your company into the ground if you don’t get with it. People are starting their own companies more than ever because they are realizing that they are spending their time with miserable jerks and doing work that they don’t give two shits about. Open your mind and creativity. What would Honey Boo Boo do? Wait… scratch that last sentence…

❤ Tarangela


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