Back in the Sack

Official logo of Sack Assassins

I am back on task! There are signs of progress in some areas, brand new drawing boards in other areas but the game is back!

Not only is it back but it brought a new name with it too. Sack Assassins. See… It used to be called “Surrogate Assassins” but long story short, the game does not rely on being inside a surrogate.  So without the surrogate, the word has no business being in the title.  So I kept the concept and managed to weave a co-op experience into it as well.  You can play with or even against your friends.
                 The plot is still being developed but it will be steeped in Jaded Gamer humor … E rated Jaded Gamer humor. The player will be a new initiate into an Assassin’s guild that has a rough first day in training.  

Tutorial Hallway

Several changes were made to the old tutorial. Which is largely the same tutorial it would have been had it been called “Surrogate” Assassins.  The player gets hold of the suit and plays around for a bit before disaster strikes.  Then after a bit of taunting, the player is re-educated in the ways of the assassin before the suit.  After you are re-trained, you are sent out into the world to be the best assassin you can be. The tutorial will probably be the only single player portion.

Tutorial room. Portal inspired block of course

Then, thanks to Little Big Planet’s sub-level links, the player is sent out to a hub world that is linked to other hub towns. It is slightly open-world in concept but just a side scroller. There will be a prime goal but also random quests can be taken.  The time of day within the game may also dictate which quests will be available to the player. 

Prototype of a Subway car to travel between city blocks.

The game is still in it’s creation stage so all I have are urban environments which will have a great deal of Mirror’s edge inspired ideas. Gameplay will draw a lot of inspiration, pay homage to, satire and parody my favorite games and hopefully yours too.  

Room with the Ninja Suit in it

In the days and weeks to come, this developer blog will come to life with much more info on game worlds, game mechanics, plot, etc. etc.


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