Tarangela sayin, ‘cut that shit out!’

     I would like to start the first entry by telling you out there to “cut that shit out!” Just stop it. Whatever it is, just stop. Sometimes people do or say some things in the assumption that people care. For instance, telling your life story to someone you just met, or complaining about whatever you think is so important, or even imposing your beliefs on someone. Can’t we all just not care and accept that people don’t?
     I think knowing that people don’t care about what you have to say is pretty empowering! Think about it, every time you’re about to gossip, complain, tattle… if you knew the person you’re going to speak to doesn’t care… would you still speak? That could cut down gossip, preaching, complaining, etc. down to at least half! Let’s face it, there are people that don’t care if you don’t care, they’re going to say whatever they want to say anyway. I understand that you want to feel important, but most of the time, what you’re saying won’t save my life or give me an “ah-ha moment” so shut up. No one cares.
     Forgive me for sounding like an episode of Seinfeld, but what is the deal with TMI (too much information)?! I’m sorry, but unless I ask, I don’t care to know how your dick was sucked or how your boyfriend finger bangs you. Especially if we’re on meeting for the first time basis. I don’t know if the internet has gotten us used to not censoring ourselves, but some things need to stay a mystery. For those people who LOVE to share uncomfortable stories, what do you get out of sharing this personal information? If you like creating awkward situations, then you’re an asshole. Sorry to bust your “I’m awesome” bubble but no one cares about you and your life unless they ask and in most cases they only ask because they’re trying to be nice. If your TMI story isn’t funny then no one wants to hear it. I’m sure it would be nice if everyone was curious about your diarrhea problems or how big your ex-girlfriend’s boobs are, but that’s not reality. Why do you think the weather is such a popular subject? Its common ground and it doesn’t involved genitals. We have friends for TMI talk, not new co-workers or Starbucks baristas. So please… CUT THAT SHIT OUT!



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