DISCLAIMER: This is what I do at work.

Ugh. I’m pretty exhausted you guys. Real life is fun and all but it has been time consuming.

Even though it don’t look like it, I do have a plan for this Jaded Gamer stuff. The problem has largely been timing.  Either I didn’t have the time to create or the window of opportunity closed.

Also… There is a surprise brewing and I can’t comment on it… Yet.

Anyways… Because of my Rogue-like status as a gaming mercenary (of justice), it lead to a few complications. The water is always the most rocky when *you* gotta steer the ship. Also I was going to get a domain name to tie it all together but let’s see how word of mouth works for another month. If traffic increases enough, then I’ll figure something out.

So… I’d say that this weekend stands a pretty good chance of being a release window for me to put out some content. I should tweet a picture of my projects board so you can see my brain at work.

The only numbered episode I can vouch for is the first which is nothing more than a  reintroduction to The Jaded Gamer for those who don’t know me and an update for those who do.  Every other episode is either still in my brain or barely into the filming stage. I’m focused on finishing up Max Payne 3 to put my impressions of it on the back of the first episode.

Other episode ideas which are currently in effect consist of things like “the best horror games.” or my spin on console loyalty which everyone thinks is a lame topic until you bring it up.  Also too I am going to bring a few more ideas and people into the mix around episode 2 or 3 hopefully.

Between the episodes, I want to get into the habit of doing a small weekly vid segment as well as creating game content for the public. For instance Surrogate Assassins is my big idea for LittleBigPlanet. It is basically just a big side scrolling playground that lets the player hunt their marks with the hidden blade a la Assassin’s Creed. It is influenced by open world games and has an interesting concept. I’d like to continue with the developer blogs until it’s complete then move on to new levels or a new concept like building a 16 bit RPG.

Mo ideas mo problems. I’m just going to focus on one thing at a time.

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The Jaded Gamer
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