Define DLC

Disclaimer: It’s Dee-El-See… Not Dilc.. If you call it Dilc.. You are an asshole.

I don’t like on-disc DLC. I don’t even like it being referred to as on-disc DLC. Calling it DLC seems like a lie. I’m downloading nothing. I’m unlocking content to a game I thought I already purchased the license to play.

Now I’m not starting a petition or storming the steps of congress because honestly I’m not freaking out. I simply think the idea of selling me a disc with additional content locked away is shady.

Most people tend to argue that if what you play is worth the money then no harm no foul.

My argument is this… I don’t care if I get 60 dollars of enjoyment out of pressing start or getting all of the achievements… Why does my money not purchase the license for everything on the disc? As a consumer I just find that to being an unsettling president. I mean you could apply the same idea to other industries and it wouldnt make sense. A car with the CD player installed but behind a paygate or paying for utensils at a diner seem stupid comparisons to make but I don’t see the difference.  CD players and/or utensils at a restaurant seem like an accepted standard of sorts but really they were just DLC nobody charged us for until production costs got too high and they needed to squeeze some extra dough out the hardcore.

Why the disc as the delivery system? I’m at the game store already and now when I go home I have to deal with unlocking additional content on a disc I just bought.

Not to contradict myself but if the additional content is something like a bonus multiplayer map… Whatever… But should this “on disc-dlc” morph my $60 purchase in any way or become a part of the core game beyond an elected mission, I think I have a point.

Besides, if the idea of there being day one DLC on the disc don’t bother you now. I bet it will the day it gets pushed too far. What if a game shipped without two levels like in Assassin’s Creed 2?… But they were on the disc. What if your favorite RPG had two morality endings but the on disc DLC opens up the infinite shades of gray.

I get it. If I don’t want it then I don’t have to buy it. I know. But nobody bothered to tell me I didn’t buy it until after I bought the disc it lives on.

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