Free Agent – CONFIRMED!/You’re all I got

First off. You probably just clicked a link to get here (or saw episode 1 of The Jaded Gamer if I posted it) THANK YOU! This is the only place in cyberspace where I can be found now.

If you couldn’t tell or didn’t know… I left The Underground Players.  Not just the podcast but the entire outfit. If this disappoints you then keep reading. If you don’t care… Well thanks for stopping by. Come back soon when I get back to doing what I do. For now though… I gotta get rid of some dead weight.

Before Season 2 of The Jaded Gamer Show hits the internet soon I just need to say this out loud. I’m not part of or allied to The Underground Players.  I’m gonna beat around the bush here a little before the first episode expands on my words.

In the beginning I left the Podcast because I didn’t like the “theatrics” or the “plot” of the show. I also didn’t like being on a team that plotted and schemed behind eachother’s back when things weren’t going right. I can only imagine what they said about me since I left. So in an effort to prove I’m still a team player, I wrote articles and posted a video to keep traffic going to the site. Their response is what pretty much solidified my exit.  In addition to feeling like I was being forced out the door despite me stressing that I’ll be putting up content, a listener informed me that the remaining cast were taking pointless underhanded cheap shots at me. The video has subsequently been pulled from the site. Hrmmm.

I’ll expand more in the upcoming episode but for now that is all I’m going to say.

But there is no beef. No hard feelings. No love lost. I’m not gonna start beef cuz I’m not gonna give anybody chance to ride my nuts over my exit anymore.

In the end this is all for the best because I’m gonna be here on this blog and I’ll be popping up elsewhere soon to give you exactly what you’ve been asking for.

I’m not trying to be famous. I’m trying to be your friend and co-op partner. Screw the beefs! I just care about the games!

Twitter/XBL/PSN: IamFN2K

Follow the echo! Retweet! Subscribe! Above all else… Tell your friends about me. You are all I got left! Don’t change the channel just yet.



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