Watch me do me

You know … Like the Lonely Island sketch.

DISCLAIMER: This is real talk.

Somebody asked why I’m not posting the Jaded Gamer Show on especially since it’s gotten a good response from those who saw it. Well this is my explanation. I dont want to go too far in depth but trust me I’m very disappointed in some people.

Alright. I don’t want to start any drama but I fully intend to keep it real. No subliminals but I’m not going to be pointing fingers… Well, maybe a little but I won’t wag it… Ok. Maybe some slight waggage.  But it stems from disappointment not anger.

Generally I expect my date to look pretty and buy me dinner before they FUCK ME!  Wait, back it up.

I used to do a podcast with my crew. It wasnt a smash hit but popular enough to get a few hundred downloads every episode. I was a fan favorite so I spun it off into The Jaded Gamer’s Show.

The Jaded Gamer Show was always supposed to be a crew effort. Sure my face would get a lot of time, it’s my show. But I wanted my crew involved. Let’s start with the intro. You see 3 people other than me in that. It was supposed to be a group effort. Other than one of them appearing on an episode they are nowhere to be found. It was really difficult doing everything myself.  I’m no stranger to entertaining people but I tend to have rehearsed material. But for the show other than a concept, I just turn on the camera and go.

I’m surprised every episode turns out the way they do. Even the fan reaction blows my mind. I thought this would amp up my crew like “Boy, I think they like us.”  But no. It was my girlfriend rubbing the knots out of my shoulders telling me “Good job.”


I’m not complaining. That’s just how it was. It was very time consuming trying to have a life, do a podcast, play games, review them and edit a show all by myself.


So between episode 2 and 3 I brought it up to them. One said he isn’t a gamer. (He was the first to buy the 600 dollar ps3 and bragged on the POS all the time. But he rarely played online with us.)  The other said “Anything you need.” So I put him in charge of my Facebook group. Everybody in the group is somebody I know personally so I dunno the point of that. I coulda done it myself. Wait… I did..

I’d check to see who posted my videos. I was lucky if any of them watched them when they were hot let alone post them to their wall.

So I just stayed at it. Even though I just wanted to give up. It was too demanding for my schedule. Which was why episode 4 had a ton of reviews and scores attached because I accumulated too much footage and not enough time to edit it.

Even now I have footage for another 2 episodes which might still happen if I can figure out how to apply it.

Anyways. During this time I kicked one member out for being a perverted, disloyal pile of shit who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. And I can say that because his actions literally made me sick to my stomach…. And I’ve eaten live bugs Fear Factor style. (You’ll notice I changed the FN2K/Wingman tag at the end of the vids to WTFIJ/FN2K at that point.) And the other dude fell on hard times and just didn’t have the time. Fair enough.

Fast forward a year and dude still ain’t on the comeback. If I could snap my fingers to end the struggle I would but I just can’t. So I put da crew on my back and pushed forward. I delivered little bits of content here and there and posted more entries in this blog. I resumed the podcast too.

Then I ended up on not as a writer like I had thought… But as a strong personality and contributor. I’ve been there a month and I’m finally hitting my stride. 

So why keep the last few era videos off the site? (at least for now.) 

I worked way too hard by myself to get this far. So any face that appears even for a split second in any video I put up will be one that had my back. (Yeah Ron… I’m talking to you.) So… I need to change the current intro vid to reflect the current state I’m in and start fresh. Like a new season. Some characters are gone and some new ones will appear. Since I got a new audience I’m not going to carry over old weight. It’s a new day and I look forward to being more active on

So yeah. No disrespect to anyone but this is my moment. Watch me do me. Nobody but few key people were there to hoist me on their shoulders. I know some were late to the party but it’s better than those that never showed up until they knew I was on the come up… Sorry for the long winded entry. Somebody shit on my chest and I had to get it off.

The Jaded Gamer

Twitter: @IamFN2K


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