Do or die for the Ps3

I don’t care what anybody says… The Wii lost the console war. Nintendo got a leg cramp 100 yards from the finish and bailed. Besides I value actual real games from developers other than Nintendo and that isn’t Nintendo’s style.

But, since Microsoft wanted the 360 to leapfrog the Ps3, Sony should really figure out a concrete solution to make the 360 look obsolete enough that they can pick up enough numbers to help them reach a 10 year cycle.  Sony had success for a little bit against the 360 but the universe corrected itself and the 360 continues to have good sales. 

The problem is that the 360 still looks appealing to the average consumer. I’m stunned to find out they believe the 360 is a more powerful piece of hardware. I don’t know if that’s Sony or a developer fault. Kinect looks more futuristic than Playstation Move until you realize “Hey. Maybe I need some damn buttons to play this shooter after all!”

Free online should have been a slamdunk for Sony. A lot of analysts thought Microsoft would have to have a free online model, but nope Microsoft stood by it. I still think it’s a rip that I’m paying for not only the internet but twitter and facebook also. But playing online on Xbl is honestly . . terrible most of the time. But with friends is a blast. And you don’t even have to be playing the same game.

The Ps3 has all that disc storage but I’m installing most games. The 360 doesn’t have that issue. In fact my Ps3’s fan kicks in a lot faster and more often than it used to.

Look. I love my ps3. I just feel like it isn’t getting the right attention. It’s such an awesome system but somebody keeps dropping the ball with it. It’s become a system that watches what Microsoft does with the 360 and then copies it.

I must say that dollar for dollar PsN plus is a much better value than Xbox live Gold. Sony just needs to figure out how to show that off more.  The amount of cash I saved and free games I got was great.

2012 is the last year ps3 can pull a power move else the 360 is going to crush it into tiny meat chunks and serve it raw to the Next gen

Street Prophet aka The Jaded Gamer.

Twitter: @IamFN2K


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