Way too many games you guys

Hey game developers! Could you please just stop and take a breath for one minute and listen to me?

This fall release schedule is insane. Do any of you realize how many sales you are missing out on because you insist on cramming a million releases into three months? There are countless triple A titles I’m forced to skip purely because I’m not spending hundreds of dollars just to pick up every new release.

Some of you publishers seriously are head wounded. Especially Sony coming out with a bunch of ill timed HD remakes. Yes I want Silent Hill, God of War, Team Ico and Metal Gear HD updates. But do you really think I’m going to get them brand new? I’m going for the triple A titles first. Then I’m going to pick up all those HD titles used because their print runs will have expired.

Rage or Silent Hill? Batman or Call of Duty? Assassin’s Creed or Skyrim? Resistance or Dead Island? Battlefield 3 or Gears of War? And 10,000 other choices.  The industry is cranking out way too much awesome this season and gamers don’t want to be rushed. One week isn’t enough time to enjoy one game before the next major release.

I don’t want to see any game fail but you publishers obviously think gamers are rich so I hope half of these releases tank hard so you learn to stagger these titles.

In particular I hope Assassin’s Creed bites it into oblivion! Ubisoft admits to beating a dying horse recently. I can’t remember the exact terms three spokesperson said but it was pretty much they didn’t expect 2 to be so popular and they decided to milk the idea for a bit before giving gamers the resolution they want.

I hope Rage becomes a sleeper hit for Id soft. They haven’t had a new IP in years and this one looks like Id is showing why they rule.

Ugh. Ok I hope every game does well. I’m just a hater. I guess I’ll get these games at some point but I just don’t like how packed this release schedule is. It’s just way too many games you guys.

Street Prophet aka The Jaded Gamer.

Twitter: @IamFN2K


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