I made "Kraft Dinner"™

Right now you’re all “Huh?” So I’ll get that outta the way. Kraft Dinner is KD and KD to a competitive gamer usually means Kill/Death ratio.  Now it’s not as simple as me taking the abbreviation for Kraft Dinner that everybody knows and applying it to gaming. When I say a game is all about Kraft Dinner or it is a Kraft Dinner game… It is an insult. Here is how the phrase evolved.

Kraft Dinner is the standard which most other generic mac & cheese dinners that come in a box are judged by.  Kraft Dinner is an instant meal.  Instant macaroni, powdered cheese. Simple concept but nothing fancy. There is no “soul” to a kraft dinner meal yet people eat it a lot.  Kill Death is Kraft Dinner. They are both generic boxed concepts. But one is food.. The other costs 60 dollars. One is allowed to be generic (and possibly delicious) because it is cheap. The other better have some sort of innovation behind the KD.

So that’s “Kraft Dinner”.

But since we are on the topic of catch phrasery. .

I’d like to discuss “Ding!Platinum!” Now I wont be arrogant and say I invented the phrase because the “Ding!” Is really a shared experience between all Ps3 users. We may even yell Ding! After a trophy. Putting “ding!” and “platinum” together is practically public mindshare. Those of us with platinum trophies have probably said it. However, when most gamers get the trophy and hit the Twitter and forums to brag how do they describe it? I’ll give you an example of the creativity. Some of these I wish I started.

“Went/gone Platinum.”

“Platinum status on_____”

“Platinum unlocked”


“Plats/Platz 4”



“Wearing platinum socks”

and on one occasion “Plaqued!”

I pretty much say “Ding! Platinum” or “I dinged platinum” (Even made a youtube video about it.

Yo, most vain and self wanking blog post ever!

IamFN2K aka The JadedGamer


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