Nintendo, What happened?

SEPT 12th UPDATE: ZOMG! These updates could be daily at this point. I saw the 3DS bathtub thumb stick. OK, so you’re an ambassador with these games you might already own and some of them are ok. Sure. Point taken. But to release a console that is basically in beta for $250 then to release a peripheral that makes your non-ergonomic handheld more clunky and try to pitch it like a good thing is classic Nintendo. It’s the Headphone jack for the Gameboy Advance SPCalafragilisticexbealidocious again!
AUG 23 UPDATE: Yet another update on this concept. Nintendo ALREADY rebranding the 3DS next year and adding a 2nd analog stick. And putting LESS emphasis on the reason you want it (3D) … So now you’re dropping cash on a 3D system that isn’t stressing the 3 of D. Go on. Buy it. You know you wanna. How many people are going to buy it because they hate it when I’m right?

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Nintendo strips backwards compatibility from Wii redesign!! HAHAHAHAHA *Fart*burp*cough* Before the Nintendo Defense Force gets their heads all spun like it is no big deal and says Sony did the same with PS3 let good ol JG tell you something. Sony did remove backwards compatibility, which sucked for us, very early on. What they didn’t do was announce a new system and then remove functions from the current system. Now Nintendo pretty much has placed the Wii U as a must have item for that option. I love it.

How can a handheld that is barely six months old cripple your company’s revenue for this quarter so bad that the CEO has to cut his salary by half? Seriously!

Up until now I would swear on anything that Nintendo fans were idiotic and blind sheep who would bend over and buy anything with the Nintendo branding on it. Yet it seems that they’re reluctant to purchase this 3DS system which I hope woke Nintendo up a little.

Let’s back up a little. Let us analyize how Nintendo only wants one thing, your money. The Wii out sold everything and their first party games destroy any and every third party title. What was the fan’s reward for making that thing a sensation? Buy these pieces of plastic at 20 dollars a pop to turn your remote into a steering wheel, a gun or a damn lightsaber then drop some more money on the analog stick they forgot to put on in the first place. If that is not enough they wan you to drop more money on another peripheral to make the motion control what it should have been right out the box. Jeez, just keep upgrading your PC.. It’s way cheaper.

Now let’s look at the evolution of the DS. It was ugly at first so they came out with the DSL.. Then the DSi ..Then the DS XL. I feel sorry for anyone that bought all 4 iterations only to have Nintendo say “We know a lot of you just go a DS but in few months we are releasing a better version that is 3D sans spectacles. ZOMGJIMP! The thing lost the GBA port .. Who cares right? But wait.. As inscentive to purchase it before the price drop they offer you a wide selection of games for download for free. Now I ask you Nintendo fans this with zero malice or sarcasm? How many of those free games do you already own even if its on other nintendo platforms? It’s ok to say “most of them but I got others for free” that’s cool. I went through that with Sony’s welcome back program. I owned all but two of the Ps3 titles and any title they offered for free on PsP I already owned or didn’t want. So I settled for the digital copy of two games I already own. But if any of you early adopters really honestly think those “free” games are only exclusive to you and the rest of the 3DS community wont have a chance to even buy them….Keep dreaming of yourself jumping over that fence.

Nintendo not only wants your money, they now have even more reason to find new ways to get it.

But once again I’m glad the 3DS is not selling wildly with a slew of shovelware and 2 decent games. Maybe next year when the Wii U happens Nintendo will deliver the goods like they used to.

I don’t want them to fail but if a system has to sell crazy then they have their minds a little too deep in your pockets guys.

IamFN2K aka The Jaded Gamer


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