Sorry bout the hostility

As of late I’ve been throwing a lot of aggression towards fanboys of all sorts and I just want to take a second to let the dust settle.

This is one of those rare moments where I will apologize for possibly offending any readers of my blog ( just in case you are reading this through an rss import like facebook). So I’m sorry if I got under your skin.

The bottom line for me are the games. I don’t care where you play them but just as proof that my head is not up my own ass, allow me to play devil’s advocate against myself with regards to other topics.

Pc gaming

So not many people know or remember that during the N64 – Dreamcast era I played  PC games mostly and slowed down when I got a ps2/xbox. Truth is I always preferred console gaming but RTS games and FPS games were still pretty clumsy on consoles.

Rather than even try to wrestle with counter-strike online, starcraft on 64 or Red Alert on Playstation… I played them on pc. Also I played anything from Blizzard catalogue, Black & White, Summoner, Evolva, Messiah, Angel Devoid, Some Myst, Doom games, Duke Nukem 2D and 3D, Unreal Tournament, Quake games, Team Fortress, Unreal Gold Co-op, Half Life and some mods, Soldier of Fortune, Noone Lives Forever, Hitman and others that have slipped my mind at the moment.

Obviously I appreciate what PC gaming brings to the table. Consoles hadn’t monotized DLC yet so when the developers put out extra content that was not an expansion.. IT WAS FREE. Any gamer born in the mid 90’s probably has no clue that DLC used to be free till consoles screwed that up. I know in some cases that fact still stands.  Back then the mods and free content was something consoles didn’t and still don’t have so hell yeah PC gamers have to be stoked about that.

Also since developers get more room to make games on PC the most original titles really began there. I’m referring to the underground indie scene that popped up. Indie devs still thrive because they can put out a game for free and generate a fanbase. That is still a pipe dream on console which is why indie console devs spend a lot of time cracking the system to make underground games to run on it. Those random games made life enjoyable on PC while you were waiting for the next mega hit.

PC gaming has its advantages and people still prefer mouse and keys which is fine. If all of the above is what gives the PC the edge in your eyes, that is great. Just remember it makes pc gaming different not better.

Blizzard makes me shudder

There is nothing I can do to deny how I feel about Blizzard. They make great games regardless of what they put in and take out. My only problem with them is them recycling the same idea over and over. I have played the crappy half assed console clones of their games and even though they don’t compare they at least try to advance the genre. In consoleland recycling the same idea happens in much quicker intervals so the genre has to freshen up or die out faster. But since Blizzard works for years on the same concept it always feels new because its been 5 years since you played a new ______ game.  There is nothing wrong with that. It’s the “If it aint broke don’t fix it.” and you have to be stupid to think they are not skilled at making the same concept seem fresh. That means the game itself is timeless. That is amazing to have 4 base games and have them all be killer apps.

So you see… I’m not that big of a jerk

IamFN2K aka The Jaded Gamer


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