Piracy and me

Don’t talk to me about piracy. I am for whatever developers want to do to protect their products.  I don’t care what it is they want to do to prevent piracy I support it even if I don’t like it. If I dont like it then I don’t buy it. If there is DRM I do not like then the box stays on the shelf or in the respective console’s store and that is one less unit shipped. That sends a bigger message than piracy ever will.  Because all you accomplish with piracy is telling developers to spend more time on DRM for the sequel or future projects. If the game gets pirated a ton the developers know it’s good and in demand they just need to focus on preventing piracy.

But that isn’t what gets me. What gets me is that when people I know personally or purely online tell me they pirate a game or games in general. Stop it. I dont care if you do it but don’t tell me. Would you walk up and tell a police officer you have weed on you?

Then why tell a guy who day after day slowly (at a snail pace) embeds himself further and further into the industry and not just simply gaming? Piracy makes what I do (or try to do) moot.  I inform the gaming community from a gamer’s standpoint. Not a developer or journalist so imagine how pointless piracy makes their profession.

Slowly… very slowly gamers are gravitating towards user generated voices not unlike my own as well as the pros at say… I dunno… Gamepro who may or may not care about what I tweet. As insignificant as being followed on twitter is it is a start for me to build on.

Honestly, I don’t care if you pirate all day everyday. I have no interest in confirming you do.

I don’t think people are entitled to something because they convert beef and leaves into energy and then excrete them later and go shopping (sorry. I was playing Portal 2) so save whatever justifaction you have for piracy righteous or not.

Just let me add some perspective before I quit whining.

There is a dude that goes by the handle, Ballsrog. I suggest all of you (especially console gamers and specifically 360 owners) go to his site (www.ballsrog.com), follow his twitter (@ballsrog), because him and his crew are all up in the asshole of gaming. I love this guy (no homo) because he puts himself out there time and time again telling you what is hot and what he wouldn’t let lick his taint.  Anyways, as an inscentive to donate to his cause he offers an autographed copy of one of his games (in addition to other things). I’ve had an idea similar for when The Jaded Gamer’s show picks up steam (think contest give-a-way rather than donation rewards).  Either way we’re promoting the idea of owning a physical copy of a game and it raises the question of would we still give away our own games that we paid for to a community that doesn’t appreciate buying games in general. I can’t speak for Ballsrog but I’d rather my game went to somebody who either wants to buy it but cant afford it or wants it but missed the window to buy it.

All I’m saying is that with the effort and money that myself, Ballsrog and hundreds of  other gaming personalities pour into informing gamers of what we think they should or shouldn’t buy It’s a tad insulting to know you pirated something we recommend especially us little guys because we don’t get review copies. We had to buy that shit.

IamFN2K aka The Jaded Gamer


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