PC Gamers

A gamer is a gamer.  Period.

Yet the fanboyism between console and PC gamers constantly rages on.  Though I am the Sith lord bringing balance to the force console side between 360 and Ps3 fanboys, I rarely find harmony between console and PC.  Despite cross-platform games like Portal 2 being released that allow pc and ps3 users the ability to game together there is still the air of PC superiority. . . and uber sensitivity.

I wont argue that PC games are pretty but so is Heavy Rain and L.A Noire. Two games which are extremely tough sells on PC but run and sell well on console.  I wont take the PC stance and say a platform sucks because it doesn’t have game “x” because it seems every time pc gamer says “we have _________ and you dont ipso facto vis a vis you haz fail”  a month or two game “x” gets ported to console.  Crow must taste delicious. Most recently Minecraft has been that game “x” .. And if minecraft comes as a boxed copy of a game I wonder if PC users would be mad because I’m fairly certain console users figure that to be a psn or xbla caliber title unless the scope of it increased dramatically.

Halo was supposed to be a pc game at one point apparently because I’ve been serving wine and cheese over that for a decade now. Despite halo and halo 2 coming out for pc its still not the juggernaut it is on console nor is it the premier place to play.

The argument can even be made that the 360 versions of many multi-platform games are the focus whether or not they appear on pc.  So in that regard I dont see how pc gaming is a compelling argument over a 360.

And at this point unless you want to play an RTS or WOW I cant see the difference in a pc or console unless having slightly more dust particles on screen means that much more to you.

Im not picking on the users of pc, I’m more or less just asking in my own Jaded Gamer way “What the fuck is your problem?”

Look, the mod community is great on PC and consoles probably wont see that type of versatility in the near future but that is one of the few only real undisputed 100% clear cut advantage pc has .. The rest is preference. Im positive there are others but mods thrive on pc… As they should.

I don’t have to or even want to list what I consider the advantages over pc because I’m not trying to convert anyone. In fact I’d prefer if the pc snobs and console fanboys stay separate because no gaming would happen… just epic amounts of whining and fighting on both sides because let’s face it, we are all jerks in the heat of battle.

Just in case my point is missed… A gamer is a gamer period regardless of platform. Pc or console you bleed red and are no better than eachother. I love you guys  so don’t think I’m a hater. Just shut the fuck up and celebrate games and not where to play them.

With certain exceptions aside, a lot of PC gamers look like idiots when they tell me what pc games I’ll “never experience” on console.  Then it shows up a year or two later and it’s always fun to watch the pc crowd do the mad scramble for excuses while they dine on crow and sour grapes. (I know the same happens the other way around with console and pc but I spend 360 days reminding my console cohorts they are mindbogglingly immature and stupid sometimes so today for a minute I’m shaking my head in another direction.)

Basically if you guys really were the more refined gameur (not a typo) you wouldn’t be acting like arrogant jerks just like the rest of us. Get over yourselves and lets play some games dammit!



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