DLC and R-words.

I like blizzard games. Just a reminder.

Anyway. EA. I’m looking right at you now. Sure you publish great games and I would even be so bold as to suggest that any gamer with more than 10 games in all probability has more EA published games than non EA ones. EA and Activision (and more often now take two or (is it 2K?) are popping up more often.

But you EA… Have by far thee WORST and most foul DLC on the planet. Seriously. Sometimes I want to cut your faces off with sharkfists and wear them to your family’s house just to see if they notice!

I’ve witnessed on disc content unlocks for games I’ve bought used. Fine. You want to prevent piracy and get your cut of the used market. I am on your side.  However! When I see a DLC for a “New game mode” it better not be a 100 KB file unlocking Bare Knuckle boxing or cars that are actually in the game. DLC should always be additional content.

LittleBigPlanet has similar problems I dont come down on media molecule as bad because they kinda shot themselves in the foot for DLC because over 3 million levels are availible online.

My biggest peeve is the fact ppl buy this shit enough that EA makes money.  Sure I’m guilty of succumbing to the pressures of having to purchase stronger guns to beat Dead Space on impossible. (I’m so fatigued with the franchise I cant do it)

But where does this trend of selling cheat codes stop?  Where is the line on selling me content on the disc twice?

What say you gamers? Do you wanna pay 99 cents for the Konami code or 1.99 to unlock an alternate sports jersey that exists on the disc?


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