Sony rides 360’s D AGAIN!

First Sony put their own spin on the Xbox 360’s Achievement system. (You’re welcome Steam and WoW) Personally I prefer Trophies to the Achievement system.  It’s a neater system that doesn’t make your gamerscore look like a phone number.  I mean it looks impressive but you don’t really get a sense of how awesome it is.  You see somebody with a Platinum trophy… You know exactly what that means.

But then Sony adds Playstation Plus… Which is a slightly better deal that Xbox Live Gold in very small ways but Live Gold is still probably the best “premium price” online service.

But now… Sony talks about PSN Play… If you have a 360 you know PSN play is nothing more than stealing Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade idea.  Buy 4 games and get the 5th for free.

Sony.  The PS3 is still my favourite system.  But the more and more I say “Sony” the worse my breath smells.


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