Blizzard makes me shudder

I used to love Blizzard games and products… But with Diablo 2 and WarCraft 3 I felt like they shipped me the same game I played last time around with better window dressing. 

I don’t mean I felt ripped off with Diablo 2 or Warcraft 3.  I mean I feel like all they did with both those games was add a little here/there and put a new Roman numeral at the end.  Then at World of Warcaft I couldn’t stomach another MMO that had Everquest’s DNA.

And then that was it for me.  Somewhere around 2003 I cashed in my PC gamer card for good and traded Counter-Strike, Blizzard, Epic and Valve games in for the likes of Square-Enix, Bioware and Konami.  Why?  Final Fantasy, Knights of the Old Republic & Metal Gear Solid were all on the Playstation 2.  Then I realized more genres of games exist.  Not everything is a shitty FPS, a button mashing RPG or the same fucking RTS you just played last year but with TWO NEW UNITS! ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GAWD! Two new units?!? Wrap a game around them call it Whatever/Whatever 2: Shitty Subtitle (Now a days those 2 new units are 5.99 DLC apiece)

I’m just tired of Blizzard using it’s money to … what DO they do with their money? They have an amazing R&D department and have possibly hired a PS3 designer for (???).  Nobody knows why?  Blizzard isn’t talking.  Which is lame.  They can dangle the carrot for somebody else because I don’t care anymore. 

I can’t even say Blizzard is doing anything wrong from a developer standpoint… but I don’t feel appreciated as a gamer by them.  As days go by every sort of Blizzard related news story usually has something to do with removing a function I like from a game or them “innovating” on new ways to take my flippen cash. . . Like cross-server pay (I omitted an “’l” in “pay” on purpose).  .

Actually I don’t care… I just realized it doesn’t make a difference because no matter what they do I’m just gonna throw a hissy fit and blog about it.



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