Fallout New Vegas … Still Glitched out

This new update does nothing much to solve the bugs or game crashing glitches. I think it’s the 1.06 update. It’s also about 527 megs too.  You would think an update this substantial would fix the problem gamers would be having when playing the game. But no.. Obsidian continues to push out expansions like abortions adding more glitched out content.  So now you get to gamble with crashes for an extra few hours per expansion.

I get why it is set in vegas now. Playing it is like roulette or craps but with odds favoring the house heavily.  Every play session I’ve had since the 2nd update is riddled with glitchery. .

I suppose it’s a testament to how good the game is. Gamers keep going back to get kicked in the dick harder and harder. And Obsidian just put on spiked shoes. I’m gonna go grab a cup.


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