Jaded Gaming Classic


11:17pm – I’m still thinking of getting episode 5 online because I have most of the footage I need for it.  Episode 6 is going to take about a week longer (maybe) because I haven’t been making the best use of my time since I found out that a good friend died.  I just can’t believe it.

8:08pm – The past 7 hours have been real interesting. I played a bunch of Fallout New Vegas.  Honest Hearts is a decent expansion.  I still like Brink.  I was literally about to go to the store, get some soda, come back and film content and reviews but I got a phone call that one of my co-workers has died.  So I’m thrown for a loop. Give me some time to wrap my mind around this.

12:43pm – I can’t do it.  I just can’t do it. I can only ram so much L.A Noir down my gullet before I just start automatically rejecting it.  I guess It’s time to film and edit stuff.

SUNDAY – 11:00am – My Alarm goes off… and the first question I have is… When did I fall asleep? The second I have is… Why don’t I sleep in my bed? Coffee!!! I NEED COFFEE!!!

11:35 – My Duke Ending reaction

11:28 – After frequent breaks to trudge my way through Duke. I’ve finally made my way through it.  If I died twice in a row, I took a break. Hell, Two loading screens in a row IS a break.

8:12 – After a lengthy break and some food, Duke Nukem Forever will be a notch on the ol gaming belt.

5:31 – Approaching the final hours of Duke Nukem

4:20 – Break, for no apparent reason.

SATURDAY – 12:30pm – Just woke up. Duke is loaded. Washing up then getting to it.

5:06am – Uploaded video

4:50 – Beat Alice: Madness Returns.  . Vid incoming.

3:52 – Lies.  Second wind.

3:39am – My eyes are burning. Gonna handle the finale of Alice tomorrow morning.

1:20am – Alice in the asylum

1:00am – Quick break.  Making great time with Alice.

11:00pm – Alice is loaded and I’m bouncing down the rabbit hole to victory… I hope.

10:30pm – Ok folks. This is the first of probably many “Jaded Gaming Cassics” brought to you by free time and getting ish done.

The goal: To complete not only 3 video games (2 of which came out this past tuesday) but to release two episodes of The Jaded Gamer’s show back to back Sunday night/Monday morning.  So with this thing set to kick off at 11pm tonight. (June 17th) I have to go do my starting prep… like… NOW

So keep checking the actual blog (www.TheJadedGamer.tk) because there will be videos/screenshots that may not get imported if you’re viewing it through imported RSS pages like Facebook/Fan group pages.

Hopefully there will be enough updates over the next 48 hours for you to sink your teeth into as well as videos you can ONLY view from this page/entry.

Thank you and wish me luck.



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