Psn… and hackers

Look Sony.. One or two days for your network being down is fine. Shit happens. But lets face it, you should have back-ups in place.  Furthermore, you should have way more transparency on the matter instead of these stupid cryptic messages us users have to take decoder rings to just to understand what the hell is going on.

For the past two generations  Sony has been ruling it. But from 2006 till now you guys have made the weirdest decisions ever.  Starting with the $699 price tag (this shit better last 10 years) to the pspgo being more expensive despite having less functionality. Lets not forget the psp’s price drop then price hike. My heart pours out to the psn+ users out there. They are getting screwed. And if you want more proof that DRM on consoles is a bad idea, check out bionic commando rearmed 2 that is unplayable till psn comes back online.

Every single time I take nintendo to task for their treatment of (real?) Gamers, I pray they dont realize Sony has been punishing me for supporting them. As a ps3 user I get DLC for cross-platform games after 360. I get games after 360…and still do. 360 exclusives tend to be better… And get this… 360 games even look better sometimes. Ghostbusters is a sony pictures product (isnt it?) And it looked better on 360.  And get this awesome revolutionary concept! When I put a game into my 360… I’m playing it almost instantly. Same game on a ps3 is almost guaranteed to be a 2-5 gig install.

I would trade disc swapping for all that crap any day.  .

But this psn outage is the cherry on top. 3 major releases in one week that depend on psn are useless. I’m gonna say it. I dont care about portal 2’s co-op anymore and I’m buying Brink on 360.. In fact I might get EVERY multiplayer game I want on the 360. The network is superior (better be. I’m paying for it)

I’m kidding. If it weren’t for IPs like Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid and Yakuza, i’d switch. But seriously Sony… Get psn back up.

Next… Anonymous. Maybe you brought down psn, maybe you didnt. I saw something on facebook where you took credit and then denied it on your homepage. Whatever. Normally when I hear of your exploits.. I think you have a point. But taking credit for this attack could land you in jail so why would you take credit? Furthermore… To deny involvement firmly places you within the ranks of terrorists.

Even if you agree with GeoHotz breaking the law (Like it or not, he did. Read the EULA) Threatening Sony for wanting to protect their intellectual property as well as the intellectual property of others is bad form. If you want to develop homebrew for the ps3… Tough. Buy the SDK. I would even say go ahead and hack your console but keep it offline and dont boast about it. You wouldn’t rob a bank and then post how you broke the law on your twitter. This stinks of teenagers throwing a fit because their parents told them to be in before dark.

I respect your skills. I really do. But attacking somebody or ruining lives because of something so petty makes you no different than the scientologists you rage against.  Your power and influence exist on the internet and id be silly to challenge it. I dont want to bring you down. Anonymous is a great counter-balance to government control but I now wonder if you have just become drunk with power… Much like the machine you rage against.


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