EA games is 24 hour flu watery shit

Ok. Whenever you hear me say anything about EA… I’m talking about the publisher and probably not one of their developers.

As most people know i’m a big fan of the Fight Night franchise. I’m not really competitive with it anymore. I think I’ve peaked and fallen off. I’m past my prime and it’s all downhill.

Anyways… EA has a history of making you pay for things usually included in the game for free (like cheats) and they ship unfinished games (game mode sold separately) and all I’m saying is we gamers need to send them a message.  I know it’s easy to say “just don’t buy it.” But the bigger problem is my everlasting fight to save gamers from themselves. You see… If you still it, the will come.  There really needs to be a grass roots movement rallying against EAs style of monetization.

Can you imagine if you had to pay $2.99 to use the konami code?


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