Pre-order deez nuts bitch!

EB Games and Blockbuster think consumers are dumb.  In fact.. A lot of gamers are dumb. But places like EB and Blockbuster make gamers dumb by feeding us nonsense. EB and Blockbuster both make gamers believe that without pre-ordering the game you may not get a copy.

This is a bold face lie. Anybody who believes this lie only makes it worse for the rest of us. 

In my life I’ve only really had to actually utilize the pre-order option twice. Once for silent hill homecoming and once for Saw 2:Flesh and Blood.  The reason I had to preorder had more to do with the fact that EB apparently doesn’t actually stock many copies of them at launch. I just wanted to make sure I got my copy on day 1.

But then it hit me. . EB games is a specialty hobby shop… They specialize in games.. I should be able to walk in and buy the game no question. So.. Last November I decided pre orders are for suckers. So here are a few games I bought incident free on either day or week 1.  Assassins creed brotherhood, fallout new vegas, dead space 2 and need for speed hot pursuit. . EB never ran outta stock on any of these items and the first print run of NFS & Dead Space 2 are marked limited edition.

Yeah I know.. None of those games are call of duty or halo. But.. Day 1 of CoD black ops coming out…After the midnight sale at best buy… I walked in to see if I could get a copy…. not only were there copies galore, but still to this day… months later…  I can find the limited edition with the Rc car in there. Gee .. I was told to pre order or i’d never get a copy.

However. Counter-point.. Pre-orders make great gifts. My girlfriend always preorders any game that will be a gift. (Thanks for little big planet 2 baby) So preorders are not completely useless…

But the next time somebody at EB tells you to pre order… Tell them to preorder your nuts



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