Im set..

I think I’m set for games till portal 2. Between back to back platinum runs in both recent assassins creed games, finishing off dead space 2, developing levels in little big planet 2, fight night champion and yakuza 4 .. I don’t think I need another game. And to be honest, I don’t really want one side from possibly homefront.

First off. Im driven to play fight night because I used to be pretty good. I was good enough that playing on the hardest difficulty would provide the greatest challenge. So I was not super amazing. However.. Champion is just crushing me. I stink. I’m playing it on pro and still finding it to be just as hard a challenge as GOAT was in round 4. I’m even writing this blog entry before I fight a rematch because I was robbed! Well I kinda robbed myself. I snatched defeat out the jaws of victory.

And yakuza 4. Wow. It’s gonna be tough to review that game. But I gotta play more before I can even comment.

as for my little big planet levels. They are coming along nicely.  They are just delayed because of these other games I’ve fallen into. But I will return to them soon..

Ok back to fight night. Maybe ill twitpic my victory. Or loss…


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