Comeback kid… Again

So I picked up the new fight night game and once again I’m impressed with the people at ea sports.

Before I get to that.. Let me tell you a story.

Back in ’04 when knockout kings became fight night I picked up the sticks and was baffled by the new control scheme and I didn’t know how to recover from a knock-down. Simply said, I wasn’t very good and I had to use the face buttons.  Now because of my handicap I worked hard at the buttons and learned how to not get knocked down.  I thought I was getting pretty good… Turns out using the face buttons when all your friends use the stocks makes you the odd man out. You see .. None of my friends could knock me down and blamed my button using for my victories.  They were getting really mad too. Soon they got bitter and called me names and wanted to find another aspect of gaming to beat me in. I felt stupid for even thinking I was any good…

…Until Fight night round 2 debuted. I didn’t play it too heavily but I got used to the sticks and got good with throwing the heymakers. So I turned up the difficulty a little.  Then… Round three comes out and I start a winning steal that spanned years and was only ended because you can’t stay unbeaten forever. But I got really good. By round 4 I’m playing it on the hardest difficulty and handing the computer its ass. Turns out that I have peaked and I am now back to square one.

Fight Night Champion is whipping me into shape in a whole new way. I actually have to relearn a large chunk my skills. My timing is all off.  Things just are not the same. But I’ll persevere. The fights are way more intense and my power punches don’t connect like they used to so every fight I have to dig deeper and play harder because even the training exercises get harder and I’m not any good at any of them yet. Everything is such an uphill trek from here. But with these online gyms being what they are I’m sure somebody will train this former champ


Ps. Not a bad entry considering I wrote it using public transit.


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