Will I stick with Sony?

PS3 is bar-none my pick for winner of this generation simply by endurance.  A lot of fights don’t end the way you want them to because one of the fighters was built to last. Such is that of the 360 vs PS3.   Unless Microsoft fuel injects something into the 360 soon, I don’t know how they’ll keep that thing in the spotlight past 2012.

They may just have to leapfrog Sony AGAIN next cycle. . . And I might be the first to champion them. Why? Easy.  The 1st Xbox ate the face off a PS2… the PS2 just had a deeper fanbase and broader library. I don’t think Microsoft even considered themselves a contender to win the console war. PS2 is the king.  But secretly everybody was noticing that the Xbox … was prettier. (Because if was developed LATER) so naturally the 360 picked up a lot of deserved steam.

Then Sony whipped it out and said soups on and now it’s 2011 and it’s starting to go the other way.  The PS3 is becoming the Xbox of this generation… But… should the 360 try to leapfrog PS3 again this console should last into 2020 … but will be early by 2 years as Sony probably wants to keep the PS3 around till 2015ish. So what is Microsoft gonna do for the next 2 years?  Figure out how to pull a Sony is what…  So next console cycle they’ll have the elite future proofed system whose entire medium wont be obsolete a year and a half into it’s lifespan (Don’t think I didn’t notice).  Where does Sony go from the PS3 when it still has so much left to do?  It all depends on where Sony and Microsoft stand with their next systems.  I’m definitely more fond of my PS3 (OBVIOUSLY) but for online/co-op (My passion.) I can’t help notice the 360 is on top of it.



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