Dev Blog 5 – Location then population

(Future entrance to the Multiplayer arenas)

(Future site of middle class residences as well as a club/bar)

The above picture is a REEEEEEEEALLY early snap of the area. But every screenshot I’ve posted so far as been of an area I’m referring to as “The Crossroads” which is the hub of the entre game world.

The game has started to take on a life of its own and I find myself considering a lot more than I thought. For instance, there is a really good “Sackbot Checkpoint” going around. Now I think do I utilize it? or do I push forward with the checkpoint system I had planned for?

The game keeps growing but I think it is for the better. I don’t see “The Crossroads” expanding any further (until an expansion pack) so I’ll be populating it and moving closer to that damn beta very soon. I’m actually considering some sort of closed beta.

Again, these screenshots shouldn’t reflect the final product. This is looking pretty good. There is a persistent world MMO aspect happening and I’m still figuring everything out. I wont give up on making it multiplayer/co-op



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