Surrogate Assassins Dev Blog #4

I know it has been a little while between updates so I tried to make this one meatier.

For the past two weeks I’ve said I was gonna aim for a beta on Saturday.  (I’ve also promised to upload episode 4 of the Jaded Gamer show – Oops – I will, its just complicated) And I thought I would definitely have some sort of beta.  But the game got more complex. Back when I thought I’d have a playable version, I thought the game would hinge on one game mechanic but as it evolved it became so much more.

(Very ugly beta of the quest giving system.  Would you like to accept this quest? Then select the green highlighted option… if not… Red means “cancel”  When it’s completed properly it will look more fitting.  Now it is just coloured squares.)

The area to the left used to be pure stone till I hollowed it out and now its going to be… something.

(Before and after shots of what I call “kill houses” these are houses/structures that your surrogate cannot “see through” that are there purely to “kill” AI sprites so they respawn) Simply put… any house you cannot see your player in, will kill you. Think of it as home security against your surrogate.

  Early build of the Assassin guild’s heaquarters. *Note the “see-thru” aesthetic on the structure. This may change.

It is very hard to tell but the player is levitating that brown/rusty looking square. Holding down R2 (*subject to change) initiates telekinesis. Telekinesis can be used to crush your opponent with debris or possibly throw your opponent.

Again… Very difficult to tell… but the player is free floating/levitating.  Hitting L2 initiates levitation.  Since this is a “gamebreaker” ability, an annoying sound effect has been added to help prevent abuse. If this does not detour it…than a time limit on levitation will be used. But for now… I’m gonna see what happens.

Anyways… Everything in this game is beta…. however… within the next few updates I’ll offer an outlook on things like character/plot… etc. etc. 

I know I’ve been calling this game Surrogate Assassins but the correct title is (Non-Officially) Surrogate: Assassin…  Its a small edit … but theoretically the name of the franchise is “surrogate” and every spin off or sub story is a method of employment. . . a la… Surrogate: Thief… Surrogate: Soldier…  Stay tuned in the coming weeks as things are becoming more and more official.



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