Surrogate Assassins Dev Blog #1

So after about three days of thinking this through, I think I’m going to do it.

Day 1: I said to myself… “Hey. I wanna make an assassin game for LittleBigPlanet.”

Day 2: I came up with a game mechanic for “hidden blade” assassinations. 

Day 3: I’m blogging about it.

What is Surrogate Assassins?   Well it’s my idea for a somewhat living world in Little Big Planet. It is inspired by Assassin’s Creed but also by games like Max Payne, Super Mario bros and Monster Party.

The game will look and act like a 2D platformer when it comes to running and jumping but some of the combat mechanics will pay homage to some of my favourite 3D shooters.

Enter/exit from the roof or front door.

Early shot of some homeless sackpeople.

This blog will track my idea game development from conception to fruition.

The first Screenshot above is an example of the simple architecture of the “Home world” It allows for swiftly entering and exiting the property for assassination purposes and if needed, quick escape.  After some stickers and a lighting pass this area will look cleaner.

The second shot is a still of a homeless community of refugees outside the entrance to what will be the “Slums”

I’ll be back every day or two to blog about this game as it nears a playable beta.  Once this game becomes a beta, I fully intend to release it to the public and watch it grow. 



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