Oh and by the way – I’ve got ish 2 do


OK! So if you look below, there is the 3rd episode of my webshow! And I promise more in the future as long as my real life doesn’t prevent me from doing so  . . .  So after you watch, be sure to read the story below regarding why this was such a long time coming.



Basically.  I had a lot of stuff to do.  I work, I play video games, I have friends and family that want attention so sometimes it is really tough getting momentum going for this blog and this show.  And because of that I haven’t been as involved in the gaming community as I want to be.  And partly because a lot of gamers are losers. (I’m sorry but you really are and I can prove this to you) Maybe not a lot but if you’re a gamer, you know damn well there are a significant number of jackasses out there that sit and do nothing but play games, think they’re badasses and invent stupid yet fun words like pwned.  Yet, I love em all. From the good to the bad, the eclectic and eccentric tastes of gamers are what make it the most diverse bunch of freaks out there. Because hey… at my core, I’m one of you!

But simply put, I just didn’t have the time.  But after having a falling out with one of my closest friends (whom I’ve famously said is my brother from a separate set of parents) I’ve realized how much time I’ve been wasting.  So no more.

I know I come across as a prick sometimes when I talk but I’m the embodiment of the community as a(n) (ass)whole.

Athletes and gamers are the best at talkin trash!


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