Am I still a PS3tard?

I didn’t use the *R-word*. And my sympathies to poor Jennifer Anniston over her choice of words. She is now under extreme fire… I don’t see why. Other blogs covered this so I don’t need to.

BUT! Am I still a PS3tard?
I mean, my praise has been declining and my critiques have been going up. But I just want the best from my beloved console.

Ok, fair enough but I went 50 days straight without touching the PS3, Which you saw on my 360’s blog. I can’t deny that I spent time away from the PS3 but nothing more than a week. I still played Bayonetta, Oblivion, Star Wars, Mod Nation Racers, God Of War, Assassins Creed 2 and Both Watchmen games and the order of my Trophy list will reflect that.

So, what about me riding all the 360 exclusives dinks?
Too Human and DOAX2 are garbage. Do I think they are better than PS3 exclusives? For Co-Op, Undeniably yes. For Singleplayer – PS3. And why would I buy anything other than exclusives? Should I buy the Cross-platform titles too? I mean I am paying to play so maybe I should be on a network where people want to play…

Yeah about that… See, I have been crapping loads all over PSN users. When they do play online a lot. They just don’t know how the invite button works. On the other hand on XBL all I have to do even in the most extreme case is come online playing the same game as anybody else … *Ding* Invite. The PS3 is and always will be the superior system and I’m sure I’ve ridden this thing into the ground.


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