Loyalty – Part II


Having said all that. I am disappointed with the PS3 fanbase.

My claims of them being elitist snobs seem to be holding up. As my once mighty PSN friends list has dwindled from 62 to something like 12.   Basically I give you either 30 days to game with me or a few attempts to Co-Op before I delete you.  Even my friends fail me…

I don’t even bother to ask anymore.  I just do what most of the people on my list do… Idle…  Everybody knows I am down for Co-Op. But it seems that the only people that shit matters to is anybody on my 360 list.  I have probably 10 to 12 people on it. Some friends and some randoms… and I have to go offline most of the time because I’m buried under game invites and I feel bad saying no. 

To be fair… I never thought I’d be spending this much time with the 360.  But … as it turns out… They actually came to game! Holy shit did they ever. 

I love my PS3 but now… its purely for Single Player games. If I want to game with other people without waiting around or trying to find a random player that isn’t… gifted … I go over to the 360.

And it doesn’t really bug me that I flip flop with my loyalty.  But considering I was one of the few people championing the PS3 when it was getting its ASS HANDED to them repeatedly by 360, you’d think more, some, at least one, PS3 user would mourn the loss of one of its biggest fans.  But no… they just poke their nose in the air and float away.

So… to my newfound 360 friends and future ones I will no doubt make.. I am sorry for slandering you and raging against you. Turns out *I* was the idiot and you guys are the actual real gamers.  So as I continue to eat my humble pie, I hope the lot of you wont rub it into my face too much.  I’m just glad to be on a team that came to play.



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