Loyalty – Part I

I’ve never been brand loyal when it comes to games.  I go with the system that rocks it the best for me.  I was a Nintendo child, Sony Teen and continue to be a huge fan of Sony.

Normally this blog is just a gimmick and really a joke. There are bits of honesty and seriousness to it but it only exists to get people talking about games.  But this entry comes from my Sitting-30-degrees-Celsius-sweaty-taint.

Fuck Fanboys/Fangirls/Xbots/Lamestation users and Wiitards!
You all can 5 S these nuts…. Yeah… You can Sniff/Swirl/Sip/Swish and or Spit or Swallow (depending on your preference) these nuts.

And its not just restricted to you console dipsticks. That goes for you Dev fanboys too.

I’m not really a fanboy. I play the role of one when it comes to fanning the fires between Microsoft Vs. Sony… but that’s my gimmick. I don’t like fanboys because they only come out to play when you diss them.  Especially ActiBlizzion users. And with the exception of Nintendo fanboys… they spew these numbers at me like they mean something. 11 million users… So what? If Nintendo woke up with Blizzard’s money, Shiggy and Reggie Fills-Aime would perform ritual suicides. Please note I’m talking about the fanboys and not the fans themselves.

To any of my friends and family members who are Coo-Coo for Blizzard puffs, I’m sorry if you’re offended but just know that I’m not referring to you. Matter fact you all probably know who I’m talking about more than most because they just might be in your guild or your clan.

I’m honestly very happy Blizzard found a way to get a piece of the gaming pie in a once dying market. Activision-Blizzard & EA-Maxis are doing a great job of keeping the PC gaming space alive with all their brands… and even Valve with Steam deserves Kudos because thanks to all their efforts PC gaming probably wont be going anywhere. And that’s awesome for gaming and gamers alike. 

But this isn’t about my contempt for ignorant fanboys…

If you don’t know my gaming history… Click on the first episode of my friggen show.  I can guarantee that I was probably playing games before your parents started humping to Stairway to Heaven or R. Kelly and even Usher depending on your decade.  I bleed silicon and my blood type is 3DO (Google it).  I chew blast processing (Google it) piss trophies, shit achievements and fart emotion chips.

To Be Continued…


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