1/4th of gamers appear to be stupid – CONFIRMED

Look. I don’t like dissing gamers.  Most gamers just want to have a good time and have fun.  For the most part this blog’s title is just an eye catcher for anyone who’s into gaming.  Rest assured that one quarter gamers are not stupid.  Any true gamer knows the number is higher. (And even saying that is kind of an in joke)  Anyways…

It seems like 25 percent of the respondents (thus far) on GameFaqs’ latest poll think Activision-Blizzard’s merger is most beneficial to gamers.  While they are most certainly entitled to their opinion.. I wonder if this isn’t primarily fanboyism at work.

Even though 51% percent of these gamers are in the correct camp by voting for the powerhouse God of all gaming mergers Square+Enix+Taito+Eidos.   Now, I myself have been critical of Square-Enix because of Final Fantasy 13. And how if you actually take the time and count it out, Square has either developed more mediocre-decent games than crazy awesome ones.  But you know what… man do they keep you entertained.  You’ll find a lot of fans only play Square-Enix branded stuff because they feel they are getting the best JRPG (They’re not) experience.  Anyways this has nothing to do with my point.

I just want to know one thing. How does anything other than the assurance that Blizzard can continue making the same game(s) for another 15 years benefit the gamer?(Yeah I fuckin said it. Count the diversity between RTS, W-RPG and MMORG) Yeah maybe they make some great games. But all the deal does is ensure they’ll have the backing to continue making the same shit repeatedly. Its good shit though, it really is.

Whereas at Square-Enix (Japanese) has Taito (Also Japanese) now has Eidos in their talent pool… means so much more to gamers.  Tomb Raider and Hitman games will get new life fuel injected into them by the old and new talent.  DragonQuest now gets Square Wisdom… and vice versa.  I guess for Taito the next Lufia game will be sick.  Anyways.  What am I missing about this Activision-Blizzard Merger?  Are they doing Dope-Ass-PSP-Games-disguised-as-a-full-on-sequel? The answer is no my friend. It should also be noted that this was going to be a cellphone game in Japan. .  needless to say … whoa.

Anyways, if somebody could explain to me what such a predominant section of the gaming population sees as beneficial to them in that merger that would be super cool. THANX… BWYE!



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