I can finally talk about Heavy Rain

Ok.  I have a friend that really wanted to play this game.  Though it came out a while ago, he finally got it played through it.  So I can finally talk about it.

First! It’s a very well constructed game, plays well and blah blah blah.. go to metacritic for the aggregate. 

Second I need to go play Omikron (Cage’s first game)

Third. This game story doesn’t just have plot-holes where a truck could pass through… this game has plot holes that devour solar systems.   I’m still not going to spoil anything but I’m not gonna shit on any aspect of the game before my friend completes it.

On my first successful completion of the game (after revealing that ____ _____ is the killer) I accidentally failed one QTE and failed the 2nd one on purpose just to let _____ _____ get away with it all and see if I got a trophy.  I didn’t because I left Lauren alive. Oops.  Anyways… after getting the ending… I started to realize a few things…  then playing through as _____ ______ I realized even more.

This game was meant to be played/viewed once so you don’t realize that portions of it don’t make sense. OK Before Cagers freak out and say “He plans to fill in the holes with DLC”  To you I say “Prove to me that was his idea from the get-go”  and once you fail at that I ask you why the only DLC is content that was cut from the game? THEN I ask you why this article makes Cage look either like an asshole or an idiot.  You don’t even have to click on it.. I’ll get the quote ready 

“We won’t release the end of the game as DLC that you need to pay for.”

That’s right.. Just one short fucking chapter you cut from the game.  But wait there’s more…

“But we are talking with Sony at the moment about having maybe extra downloadable content, maybe with prequels or sequels about the characters.”

MAYBE? – 1) That shit’s a no brainer.  2) Olivia Munn is a fox.  3) This should have been on your little development table once you realized A) Ethan’s blackouts are unneeded and irrelevant.  B) Shelby Has asthma. (You’ll understand if you don’t already) C) Tripto my friend… everybody wants to know WTFIJ with the Tripto? It’s good, its bad NOBODY KNOWS… so many ways to expand the game. 

Well I guess the concern was that nobody would be playing it a few  MONTHS FROM NOW. And the game came out at the end of February.

Man, I went off the wall.. .All I’m saying is that Cage needs to hire a writer to write his idea.  I’m just tired of these ridiculous plot holes.  Seriously.. the last half of Indigo Prophecy gets absurd.  Luckily this is not nearly as bad.  . . But in some ways, still just as silly.


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