PS3 vs 360 – Final Round

OK this is it. Game Over.

After spending absolutely absurd amounts of time with both, I get to finally be the definitive bi-partisan juror.  I’m a gaming fanboy.

For the purposes of this comparison I’ve assumed both of these objects will and always work at the best they can.

Now most of the stuff you read is true.  Most games other than exclusives tend to look better somehow on the 360.  However the tide is slowly turning.  The Exclusives will always look better on the PS3…  The thing is more powerful.  END OF DISCUSSION.  Google it.

PS3… It only does everything.  You’ve seen the commercials. I don’t need to tell you what it does but it does a lot more than you think it does.   There are programs that sync it with your PC(s) so you can stream media.  You also have the added option of syncing it with a PSP should you own one.  Though few games take full advantage of the connectivity .. but even the PS2 supports that.   What you may not know is.. REMOTE PLAY…  You can actually PLAY games through Wifi or Internet on your PSP FROM your PS3.  (Currently to my knowledge a few PSN titles and all PSOne Originals can be streamed this way)  The PS3 wins because the Xbox has nothing that compares to this.

XBL (Silver) vs PSN
Not worth it… Either buy a PS3 or get gold

XBL (Gold) Vs. PSN
Both of these experiences are pretty much the same. It is all about content. A lot of the content even swaps spaces.  It is all about what you want.  Do you want to play classics from the PC era like Doom or Duke Nukem?  Does Castle Crashers sound fun or does Fat Princess?  Some research can be done to see what is available on each side but both offer a robust line up of stuff.   What sets them apart is the lack of the Party chat system (which you need XBL Gold to do) where you can play Fallout 3 and talk to your buddy playing Final Fantasy 13. PS3 users will come to call this X (Cross) game chat or just simply Xchat when they get it.  Then there is the fact that the PS3 has a full on browser and I hear people watch Hulu on it… The 360 has no equivalent.  But then you can use twitter and facebook on the 360 (Which you have to have XBL Gold) … or you could just open up your browser on the PS3…. It’s pretty weak to charge your users to do this but Microsoft does it and people pay it.  Kudos to sony for being and staying free. PS3 wins but I guess some would say its close.

WHOA WHOA WHOA! sdjfhdslkhfslhflsdkhf  Wait a sec. The 360’s fanbase is A LOT more willing to play online. (It’s just a fact… they pay to play) Any multiplayer game you have… go online and your friends list will get jam packed. I tend to co-op so I don’t make friends too swiftly.  PS3 may win just because it does everything for free but if you actually want to play with people who really want to play with people who want to play you will play on the 360.  AND THAT is the bottom line.

The PS3 is a better and more reliable system.  But the bottom line is the 360 is a gaming platform and it does the game experience slightly better for a price.  The PS3 does the the whole game experience but at times its less-than-motivated online community kill a game prematurely.

ULTIMATE WINNER: PLAYSTATION 3 … But the victory is likened to one person standing up slightly faster than the other during a standing 10 count.

JG – PS3-9.5     360-8.0
SP – 360-9.5     PS3-8.0
CZ – PS3-10      360-9.0



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