PS3 vs. 360: Final Round – Pre-show

I must explain a few things.  However, before I do, you as a gamer need to just accept a few truths about me and my gaming habits.  One being I’m not entirely loyal to one specific system during any cycle. 

Now before people think I’m back peddling, you’ll see in a minute I’m not.  Many people have this idea that I’m a PS3 fanboy. And while for a few months in 08 I joked that I was “THE PS3 fanboy”. That was meant as a tongue and cheek joke.  Because a lot of 360 fanboys just seemed as stupid as their PS3 counter-parts and since I owned a PS3 and a PSP.. I didn’t want the wrong fanboy to represent the community.  Regardless, I’ve since dropped the moniker and sung my poorly-auto-spelled-tweets-from-a-cell-phone praises of the PS3.  I sing praise of the PS3 in the moments that it shines.  I’ve explained why I bought it first.  But make no mistake.  I’m not Sony’s bitch nor am I PS3’s fanboy.  I’ve criticized their developers, and made SEVERAL cracks on social sites about PSN users being and QUOTE: “Prissy little bitches”   But they are not any more prissy, less little nor lesser bitches than the masterminds than inhabit the realm of 360.  The difference is… these users WANT to play games online.  Now people say I’m much more critical of the 360.. Of course I am.. Its why I bought it second…

Finally, I didn’t really sing 360 praises because it does what its supposed to do (finally) and that is not an accomplishment.

So I think I’m one of the few people qualified to judge or even weigh in on this 360 vs PS3 thing.  Wii and DS don’t factor in for me. I’m a grown ass man.


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