I bite my thumb at you…

I’m going to say something that may confuse a lot of people.


Hence the moniker: Jaded Gamer.
Granted, the capitalized statement above is a gross exaggeration of how I feel, but ultimately, I can’t say I am absolutely immersed in games anymore.

I have over 100 games now between my PSP/PS3 with both at them at almost a dead 50/50 split but its been a while since I did an official audit. I think I’m actually going to do a scoreboard between the dualling systems.  Anyways, My point is, out of a 100 games I can think of so few that are timeless.

As a gamer my skillset has reached a plateau. I don’t feel too challenged as a gamer.  I’m fairly old-school.  Meaning I didn’t drop 60 dollars on a game to have my ass handed to me by early adopters and beta testers. I don’t care about getting THAT good.  I’ll shoot around matches here and there and fair from the middle of the pack downward. I don’t hide the fact that I’m not exceptional at first/third person deathmatch type stuff.

Well, I’m not that good because I’m just not that interested in it. Fight Night is about the closest thing you’ll get to a serious competitive fight from me. (PROTIP: If you can knock me down twice, you’ll win the fight. I can’t ever figure out how to get up after that.  DOUBLE PROTIP: It might be really difficult to knock me down in the first place)

Now the whole single player aspect of gaming is starting to get so boring as well.  I still find it WAY WAY more fun than going online and shooting people in the face. For instance, as soon as you make any game co-op… You double or even triple the fun factor. 

As far as I’m concerned, every game needs a player two.  Remember when finding a one player game was difficult? Role playing games and side scrollers from time to time would be single player (Kid Icarus, Metroid) But everything else.. (Ice Climber, Pac-man, Super Mario Brothers, Gyromite, Double Dragon, Contra, Battle Toads, Final Fight, Streets of Rage and it died at 32 bit)

Games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid came in and killed each respective genre. (I can’t remember a time when Resident Evil was scary.. Seriously… Silent Hill was the first game to freak me out.. Followed by Fatal Frame.. and thats it)

Of the recent kick ass games (Which you’ll hear about shortly in Episodes 3 and 4) I can recall… BAYONETTA!

Case and Point.  I liked Devil May Cry and Onimusha but still felt like the combat was a little janky which really removed me from the game a lot.  They were and still are fun to play but when you’re attacking by the numbers that you can pretty much count in rhythm with it.. it loses a little something. But Bayonetta comes along and absolutely smashes it.  First of all… I’m sayin it… Bayonetta’s a hot game.  It’s a little awkward to watch at times but the character just bleeds sexuality with everything she does.  So as you’re kicking serious quantities of ass (go back to back platinum on some of the parts in chapter 13… That’s serious quantity of ass kickery) it feels sexy.

Resident Evil 5. . . Fuckin KUDOS! I’ve sank well over 100 hours into that thing. And I will continue to sink more.  Co-op makes it fun. It being well-constructed makes it even better, the downloadable content is an even bigger added bonus.

Borderlands! .. I totally think they could have done more with this but I await B-lands 2.. I’d still play a lot (and I mean a lot) more of the last two if my friends did as well.

So what’s your take on this… What does it for you?


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