Don’t confuse PSN with MSN – a FAQ sheet

Howdy folks!

Thank you all for being patient as it is taking me too flippen long to put out more episodes.  Even the games I review/am reviewing are a little stale.  I’ll promise to get episodes 3 & 4 out ASAP!

But I deleted a couple dozen people off my PSN list and its been nothing but backlash.

I’ve made bold statements about PSN users being prissy little bitches… and we are.  No matter what our trophy score or how many platinum trophies we do or don’t have, we snub every other gamer as if they fail to meet our standards.

I split my list into two groups.  Gamers and Fans…
Fans never get deleted… Gamers do.  Fans are fans of my “stuff” gamers are people who add me to play games.

Due to the prissy bitch factor, many people are confused as to why they’ve been deleted. So I’ve compiled my top 10 reasons for deleting you … whoever you are…

10. I chat on MSN… Not PSN
9.   I accepted/sent a friend request and we haven’t talked/gamed since
8.  You’re in my clan/squad but don’t even try to get along.
7.  Inviting people to games is a mystery to you.
6.  Instead of pulling me into a game to assist you, chat at me like tech support.  (See #10)
5. You/I’ve not been a good co-op partner.
4. You flat out suck.
3. I needed to put space between you and my nuts
2. You’re a “model”/”mannequin” gamer (natural poser)
1. No respect for my count (Which is kinda all of the above)

I fully admit I’ve deleted people for having a low trophy count, but thats because they fall under #1 or 2.

And I hate to sound like I’m bragging cuz its totally not brag worthy, but I’m ranked moderately well on (Locally/Nationally I’m almost top #100 .. internationally I drop further) so a lot of Canadian/American ranked gamers add me to game.  But I rather play with friends I actually know… So add me my tag is  IamFN2K and you have 30 days to play a game with me otherwise you will be replaced by someone who will.  No disrespect.  But I came to game.

Just an observation.


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